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Periodontal Terms Glossary 

This section will be added to on a regular basis and will contain information on and definitions of common periodontal terms. The information will be provided in an easy to understand fashion.

You should contact us or your periodontal health care provider for more specific information.

The first defintion appears below:

Oral Medicine Definition
Oral Medicine is concerned with the medical aspects of dentistry, the oral management of medically compromised patients, and the diagnosis and management of oral diseases that do not rspnd to conventional dental or surgical procedures. It includes the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of:

1. Red lesions, white lesions and other growths in the mouth.
2. Oral erosive and blistering diseases.
3. Oral conditions and comnplications resulting from systemic disease. aging, immune suppression, and medical therapies.
4. Detection of precancerous lesions and oral cancer.
5. Dry mouth, Sjogren's syndrome and other salivary gland disorders.
6. Oral evaluation prior to radiation, chemotherapy, open heart surgery and organ transplantation.
7. Oral effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
8. Chronic facial pain.
9. Taste disorders.

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